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Hi! My name is Ashley Rae, I am an independent escort located in Scottsdale, Arizona and I offer discreet GFE companionship for those who appreciate the finer things in life. As a cultured and experienced courtesan, I have gained a true and genuine appreciation for people, a positive outlook on life and am proud of my ability to adapt to diverse social situations with ease and grace! I am a woman with an intuitive nature, and know how to allow you to feel at ease once we meet! You will find it very easy to open up to me about your true desires and fantasies, and allow yourself to be open and free with me! 

Someone Different


This website was created in an effort to give you a better idea of who I am. Of course meeting in person is a much better way to measure chemistry, but hopefully the info you learn here will be a good start! I am not what most consider the typical 'high class escort’. I am a genuine person with a lot of love to give, however, I am not available for just anyone who calls and I do not accept every caller. As a low volume independent companion , I do not not meet multiple men every night. I am very physically attracted to a gentleman who is enjoyable to spend time with and share great energy with! Once that is established, we tend to have the ability to connect mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and that in itself is amazing and a wonderful foundation for everything to follow! 

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A Great Match


A great match for me is seeking more than a high class escort. An eligible gentleman for myself is educated and seeks out the quality and sophistication that a woman like myself brings to our date. A perfect match for me will appreciate that I reserve my time for refined and considerate gentlemen, possibly like yourself! As an independent companion, I enjoy spending time with one who appreciates being in the company of someone more personal and genuine. That ignites more interest between us which allows us to really enjoy a true connection. We are compatible if you respect that I prefer quality over quantity and only see a few select gentlemen.

Fitness, Yoga, Good Health = Beauty


Health and fitness are very important to me. I love strength training and I practice yoga almost daily. Physically, I stay fresh and feminine and I will always work hard and strive for good health and exclusivity! Being healthy on the inside is just as important as being physically fit, as overall, it has a big role in allowing me to provide an authentic, first class girlfriend experience (GFE) to you! A genuine connection will make our time together mutually enjoyable and heighten our sensual experiences!

Chemistry, and What Really Matters


Reaching the highest level of passion and chemistry is ultimately what I desire, too! Your looks or height do not matter to me. What matters is the way you treat me, your respectful attitude, along with hygiene. I am more concerned with how enjoyable you are to spend time with, and your values, rather than how 'ripped' or handsome you are.


You can expect that I am a tasteful and mature companion, a compassionate woman wanting to provide you with attentive and charming company.  I consider myself a sophisticated lady, yet playful and flirtatious at the same time. Discretion, luxury and beauty are guaranteed indefinitely to the discerning individuals I seek who offer the same in return.


If you appreciate what you've read so far, I encourage you to take a look at the rest of my website, where you will find many recent photos that are regularly updated along with information about our potential date and how to schedule one! I look forward to making our time delightfully memorable, together!

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